8/5/2019, 4 PM

Laby's Second Class Change Path

Dream team: Laby and Nisha
‘We can do it all together, Nisha! We’ll make everyone happy!’
Laby's second class change path tells the most adorable story of the friendship between a girl and her mirror.
As Laby noticed that her mirror Nisha was gathering negative emotions whilst she was enjoying a care-free and joyful life, the girl decided to share everything with Nisha, both good and bad. Laby is completely convinced that this is the best way to help Nisha and all others as well as making the world a better place.
Selfless and full of good intentions, Laby uses the powerful bond between her and Nisha as a source of strength. Both make a promise of eternal friendship.
As Twinkle Child. Shining Romantica and Radiant Soul, Laby swirls with positive emotions in her second class change path. She pulls in her foes to surround them in a hail of colourful reeds, bright starlight or in a bombastic firework together with Nisha. Laby and Nisha’s attacks are strongest and most colourful when they find themselves in complete harmony.

Further Improvements
Magic Wardrobe
The Magic Wardrobe now has the category ‘ED Shop Avatars’.

Warped Time-Space - Peak of Parman
The matchmaking system has been changed:

  • Players: 3 to 8 (max 4 groups may enter the dungeon)
  • Requirements: level 99, Transcendence or higher; Battle Strength at least 150,000
  • Use this path to enter the dungeon: Dungeon Selection -> Special tab -> Warped Time-Space - Peak of Parman
  • As soon as you enter the dungeon you will receive a boss fight debuff. (If you already have a buff of this type you will be unable to enter the dungeon.)
  • The battle starts as soon as you enter the dungeon (no wait period).
  • Battle logs have been removed. A window will appear instead that displays the battle results once the dungeon has been completed.

Hot Springs Poru
Hot Springs Poru appear every 5 minutes. They disappear once the players have acquired eggs.

Magic Stones and Drop Rates

  • Noble Magic Stones are now tradeable (exludes CoBo, Ariel and Luriel versions).
  • The drop rate of Elyanod magic stones have been increased in the Water Dragon's Refuge, in Elyanod City, in Debrian Lab and in the Lost Elian Sanctuary.
  • Increased the drop rate of ‘Cube with Weapon of the Apocalypse (Void Type)’.


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