The Pharaoh of Darkness

A dark shadow from ancient times has risen from the desert – the dark Pharaoh Akhenaton is coming to NosVille! Ally with him as a partner and make sure he can’t cause any trouble with his sinister powers. He’ll support you with a number of great abilities, wherever your adventures lead.

Spin the NosWheel and you might soon be able to benefit from his skills.

Akhenaton’s Specialist Partner Card for Melee Partners
While Akhenaton is accompanying you, you benefit from the effect Akhenaton’s Aura which increases your champion experience by up to 20% and gives you a 30% probability of reducing the shadow damage you take by 10%.


  • Deathly Whirlwind – attacks 10 times and has a chance to inflict Lacerations which reduce the enemy’s HP by a percentage of the damage inflicted
  • Plague Carrier – chance to make the target a carrier who infects others with the plague
  • Spectral Plague – inflicts the Curse of the Pharaoh which reduces the enemy’s damage and makes them more susceptible to elemental damage

The NosTale Team