Follow-Up statement regarding the CheatBlocker and compensation details

Dear Players,

A few days ago, we announced that we started a thorough investigation looking into the latest Cheatblocker updates after receiving an increased amount of feedback from our communities regarding potential false positives in the latest ban wave.

While reviewing the results, we noticed a few irregularities in specific cases that required further testing. We immediately stopped system and removed all pending bans from the queue. The process was complex and took a lot of effort – some of our colleagues worked on this continuously for over 40 hours – but we finally managed to reproduce a false positive in order to verify some of the claims and be able to take further actions. Although vast majority of bans have been verified as correct, re-checking every single one would have taken too long and we wanted to avoid locking out affected players for an extended period of time. Consequently, we decided to remove all bans and associated strikes that resulted from the latest Cheatblocker updates, dating back to December 2020.

Today, we want to give you another update on the situation with additional insights as we look together to the future. First, and most importantly, we want to apologize to every falsely detected player who has been negatively affected by this. As previously stated, the intention behind the Cheatblocker has always been to serve our amazing global community in our continued efforts to combat botting and cheating. There, we have failed many of you and for that we are sincerely sorry.

Therefore, in light of recent testing and analytics resulting from our investigation on the matter, and given the fact that our communities do not trust the system, we have decided to permanently discontinue the use of Cheatblocker as one of the various measures we utilize to combat botting. As a result, we will also be removing Cheatblocker bans and associated strikes that have been issued before December 2020 to accounts redeemed during the ongoing assessment. Affected players will receive an email once their account has been unbanned, and will be compensated in the near future, so please make sure your account and email info are up to date. Unfortunately, we will not be able to send emails to Steam Users. There is no need to submit support tickets for this matter, as the team is already hard at work looking at all types of cases.

To be clear, we will not end our efforts to combat bots. We have a variety of processes at our disposal that have shown ongoing beneficial results. As we move forward, we continue to focus on these instead of Cheatblocker’s use and updates. These other tools are developed in-house and not by another company, giving us greater control over them as well better insights into these systems.
Additionally, we will re-evaluate our internal processes, and put some additional security measures in place in order to prevent something like these ban errors from happening again.
Many of you have asked why it took us so long to react and are unhappy with the support you have received in this matter. As this is a complex subject, it is not easy to provide you with a short answer. Unfortunately, we were never able to produce any false positives on our end – until now. Ever since the system has been introduced, we have been in continuing, detailed discussions with the developer of the system in order to eliminate potential false positive and ensure the integrity of the bans due to the applied detection method. We want to stress that the Community Managers, Support and teams took your feedback seriously, thoroughly checked your cases, collected as much information as possible and forwarded it to the responsible people. Since the developer of the system ensured us everything was working as intended, and we could not produce any false positives on our end, management decided to continue with the system, and not remove any of the strikes. Ultimately, we trusted the system more than we should have.

There is not really any suitable compensation to make up for the trust some players may have lost in us. However, we tried our best to come up with something that will hopefully work for everyone. The compensation will be given out in several steps over the course of the next few weeks to reduce the overall duration of the weekly maintenances. Unfortunately, they might still take a little longer than usual. The following compensation will be given out to affected players:

  • affected players will receive a compensation package that will be delivered to their depots during this week’s maintenance.
  • players who have been banned during March 2021 will receive: 1x Manny (7D), 1x Gryph (15D), 1x Personal Premium Shop (7D), 1x Amulet of Eternal Love (15D), additionally Premium Buffs will be added to the account for 7 days.
  • players who have been banned before March 2021 will receive: 1x Manny (15D), 1x Gryph (30D), 1x Personal Premium Shop (15D), 1x Amulet of Eternal Love (30D), additionally Premium Buffs will be added to the account for 30 days. Please note that accounts which have been banned before December 2020 will receive their compensation during one of the next maintenances after their accounts have been unbanned.
  • dead Pets from Eggs will be revived this week for bans dating back until December 2020, if the Pet was born before and died during the ban. The duration of the ban time will be added to the birth and death time of the pet. Dead Pets from accounts banned before December 2020 will be revied during one of the next maintenances after their accounts have been unbanned.
  • we are currently still looking into extended the duration of other items as well wherever possible. Unfortunately, this will still take some time. We will provide further information on this as soon as we can.

Again, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and hope that you will remain a part of our community. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention, and please continue to do so. We are always listening to you all and conversing with the developers – even if it sometimes takes a while for you to see the results.


Your Metin2 team