8. 10. 2019

Patch Notes - New skills for Laby, and more

Laby's Switch Skills

Create threatening illusions, beautiful bubbles, or just hit them with a punch they won't forget any time soon. Laby's new skills and her 3 class expansions are here!

Eternity Winner

  • Active: Rock Solid (50/Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Smash (100/Special Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Screw Punch (200/Special Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Mont Blanc (300/Special Active)
    Radiant Soul
  • Additional Switch Skill: Do you want a sweetie? (30/Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Cloud Puff (100/Special Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Hide and Seek (200/Special Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Milky Way (300/Special Active)
    Nisha Labyrinth
  • Additional Switch Skill: Oops! (30/Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Don't come any closer (100/Special Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Poke It! (200/Special Active)
  • Additional Switch Skill: Laby's Garden (300/Special Active)

Henir's Time-Space


  • You can only enter the dungeon on your own, and you must be at least level 99 and have at least 150,000 battle strength to enter. (Sorry, Goku, 9000 isn't a high enough power level.)
  • More action: You can enter an unlimited amount of times, and doing so won't consume Willpower.
  • Normal mode has 20 stages, and does not count towards your rank in Henir's Time-Space.
  • Challenge mode has 6 stages, and will unlock once you've complete Normal mode.
  • Need a break? Did someone knock on your door? Is work calling you? No problem - you can leave the dungeon whenever you like.
  • You won't be able to use any of your current pick-me-ups - but that's why there will be Henir potions and other goodies available. Cheers!

  • --> 10x Recovery Potion - +250,000 HP each (Cooldown: 1 sec.)
    --> 10x Recovery Potion - +300 MP each (Cooldown: 1 sec.)
    --> 3x Water Orb (Cooldown: 30 sec.)
    --> 3x Wind Orb (Cooldown: 30 sec.)


  • You'll get Time-Space Fragments for completing each stage, depending on how difficult the stage was.
  • Each week you'll get a reward based on how many stages you've conquered and how difficult they were. The stages are reset each week.
  • So you've played through the same stages several times? Nice! But keep in mind that you'll only be rewarded for your best playthrough.

Normal mode

Challenge mode

Exchange Rewards
You can exchange Time-Space Fragments for rewards with Glave. Here are some examples.

Removing previous Henir Rewards
Warning! The Henir's Time-Space Crystals are destabilising!
For now you can still exchange them for the following items:

You won't find a list of exchange items for 'Refined Time-Space Crystals'.

Once the next update is complete you won't be able to exchange your old crystals any more. So make sure you do it before the exchange offer ends - this should be plenty of notice.
The following opportunities will also be removed:

  • Creating, extracting, and transforming Henir's Time-Space Equipment.
  • Henir's Time-Space Daily Quest.

Rank Rewards
Only Challenge mode counts towards your Henir's Time-Space rank.
So, you've managed to win yourself a place on the rank list? Congrats!

Rank Title
1st - 5th place Master of the Strange Dimensions
6th - 20th place Conqueror of the Strange Dimensions
21st - 50th place Attacker of the Strange Dimensions

More Title Changes
Once you've played through all the Normal mode stages of Henir's Time-Space, you'll receive the title 'Time-Space Conqueror'.
Once you've played through all the Challenge mode stages of Henir's Time-Space, you'll receive the title 'Time-Space Vanquisher'.

Other Changes

  • There will no longer be a difference between Group and Solo ranking on the Henir's Time-Space bulletin board.
  • As with raids, you can look at your progress and completion times for each stage. (Stages 1-6: 17%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 83%, and 100% respectively)
  • As with raids, you'll be given a Henir's Time-Space rank based on the number of stages you've mastered, and then their completion times.
  • The daily quest 'Warped Time-Space' will become a weekly quest instead and have different rewards.
  • The weekly Henir's Time-Space Guild Cooperation mission will be removed.

Ereda Island

Entry Requirements
Ereda Island is tightening up its entry requirements: as of right now, you must be at least level 99 and have completed the 3rd class change in order to enter.

Tutorial and Training Zone
Do you find nasty surprises annoying? Why not practise in the tutorial and in the training zone instead!

  • We've added buttons for accessing both the training zone and the tutorial. Just click on one of the buttons to enter the training zone or the tutorial. (The entry requirements are the same as before.)
  • You can use the tutorial and the training zone to get to grips with the Ereda Island play mode. You play solo mode there, and won't consume any willpower.
  • Your HP, MP, and special booster all regenerate in the training zone.
  • Create various game scenarios with the special system button!
  • You can also put yourself on the matching list for Ereda Island from the training zone.


  • The Ereda Magic Source's HP has been increased.
  • The Ereda Island minimap will indicate how much time is left before the Magic Source will appear.
  • The dungeon minimap that would usually be bottom right has been removed.
  • You can win up to 12 Warrior's Medals in each Ereda Island match.
  • Warrior's Medals can be stored in the Account Bank.
  • Ereda ranks are now calculated using a specific stat.

Warrior Sets

  • Removed the previous set bonuses for 'Warrior's Accessories' and 'Tough Warrior's Accessories'. The items receive a permanent +1% critical hit and damage bonus.
  • Added a new Ring of Fury. (You can transform the Ring of Fury at Camilla's)

Changes to Ereda Island


  • Ereda Island's new season has begun. To battle!
  • All character ranks have been reset.
  • New characters must prove their mettle in the 3rd PvP match immediately upon entering Ereda Island.
  • If the character already played through the match during the previous season, then they will be given a new rank after their 1st PvP match.
  • You'll get a different amount of ranking points based on whether you win or lose.

Match Making

  • You'll fight alongside/against characters with a similar rank to you - gotta keep things fair if you want a proper victory!
  • The matchmaking system will do its best to offer you different team combinations for each new match.
  • As of right now, you must be at least level 99 and have completed the 3rd class change in order to enter.

Star Rank

  • The first 20% of characters with S++ rank will be given the star rank.
  • At least 5 characters on each server have to have S++ rank in order for anyone to be given the star rank. Jump in and be the first to get star rank!

PvP Changes


  • While you're on the matching list you'll get the 'Rest until the next PvP' buff. Once your next match is over the buff will disappear.
  • If you leave a match that's still in progress, you'll be locked out of PvP matching for a certain time.

Star Rank

  • Please note: If there are multiple S++ rank players in a team, a match can only take place if the players with the highest and lowest ranks are 450 or more points apart from one another.


  • Added the 1v1 and team battle random cards to the practise and free channel.

2v2 League PvP Mode

  • Added the 2v2 league PvP mode. You can find it under 'Create Room' in the practise and free channel.
  • The rules:
    Version 1: You and your team mate have 420 seconds to make 4 kills.
    Version 2: Power PvP
    Version 3: Team Deathmatch
    The PvP stat stays the same.
  • PvP is ruthless! That's why you can't use the skill 'Heavenly Love'.
  • Map options are randomly assigned.
  • Each character can choose one map to ban.

The Wedding System


  • The wedding packs that were distributed by area will no longer be up for sale. You can get yourself wedding rings and wedding attire.

*The 'Wedding Ring (Proposal)' pack contains: *
1x Cube containing a Wedding Tuxedo/a Wedding Dress
1x Cube containing Trendy Wedding Attire (1 day)
1x Reservation Ticket for the Banquet Hall
30x Wedding Card

*The 'Wedding Ring (Renewed Promise)' pack contains: *
1x Cube containing a Wedding Tuxedo (30 days)/a Wedding Dress (30 days)
1x Cube containing Trendy Wedding Attire (1 day)
1x Reservation Ticket for the Banquet Hall
30x Wedding Card

  • You can trade the 2 new wedding rings or store them in the account bank, but you can't sell them.
  • The cube containing wedding attire will be sent to your letter box.
  • If you haven't gotten married yet you might want to ask for your true love's hand soon. Use the 'Wedding Ring (Proposal)' to get married.
  • You're already married - would you like to renew your vows? Then you can either use the 'Wedding Ring (Proposal)' or the 'Wedding Ring (Renewed Promise)'.
  • You can't buy the 'Wedding Ring (Renewed Promise)' unless you're already married - basically you can't renew vows you haven't made yet.
  • If you renew your vows you'll get the dungeon buff, title, and weekly quest again.
  • The duration of the buff, title, and weekly quest does not stack, and is instead renewed.

Wedding Preparations

  • Use a wedding ring to start the process of reserving a banquet hall.
  • Get a room! You can now create a private room.
  • The password for the private room will be displayed over the banquet hall. You don't need a password to enter the public room.
  • You can now add reserved places.
  • Characters that have a wedding invitation have a place reserved for them.
  • You won't be able to change the text on the invitations once you've reserved a banquet hall. You can look at the text under 'Reserve Banquet Hall'.
  • If you use the wedding ring as an invitation then you won't need to use wedding cards.
  • You can invite additional guests using wedding cards.
  • You can't use wedding cards unless you've reserved a banquet hall.
  • You'll need a 'Reservation Ticket' in your inventory in order to be able to use the wedding cards.
  • You can invite a maximum of 100 guests to the wedding.
  • The validity info of your reservation ticket is shown in the following order: Time the banquet hall was reserved - When the ceremony ends (Begin + 24 hours )
  • As soon as the wedding starts you will be able to enter the banquet hall using the 'Go to Banquet Hall' button.
  • A dress code? There isn't one! Even the bride and groom don't need to wear wedding attire to enter the banquet hall.
  • You can have more than 2 different wedding invitations at the same time.

The newlyweds and their guests can look forward to the following presents:

Plus, the married couple receives a weekly quest for 1 year.


  • Reduced the divorce fee (max. 10,000,000 ED).
  • Made improvements to NPC wedding dialogue.
  • You can now buy Luriel's Partner Ring from the ED shop.
  • Changed the socket effect of Tuxedo (white) and Wedding Dress (pink) to '2% Chance to Double Attack'.
  • Altered the tooltip for 'Heavenly Love'.
  • The old wedding packs will no longer be up for sale.
  • Renamed the achievement requirement 'Get married 1x' to 'Celebrate a Wedding 1x'.
  • If you use the old wedding item to get married, you won't receive any of the new titles or buffs.


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  • Elsword