Wild Guns


WildGuns - The wild west.
Where the buffalo roam on the vast prairie, Indians, cowboys and Mexicans fight for valuable land. Decide which side you want to be on. Establish a village and transform it into a powerful town. Make peace treaties, fight against enemy settlements or discover valuable goldmines. Light up the pipes of peace or dig up the hatchet. Conquer the prairie now!


Put your scalp on the line…

Hot wind blows through the prairie. You smell powder smoke in the air and hear the screams of the injured in the distance. Vultures are already surrounding the area. But you have already led the settlement's defenders into victory - and lashed back at the cowardly attack of your enemies. The battle has been won, but the war continues. You guide the abilities of your village against the vast backdrop of the Wild West. Ensure that you have enough resources and allies and secure valuable land. And this is what you will be offered.

  • A strategic development game
  • A challenging WildWest-setting
  • Atmospheric graphics
  • The choice between three nations with different characteristics
  • Interaction with thousands of other players, as opponents or allies.

Dive into the adventures of the Wild West. Settle the prairie - before someone else does it!

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